Members of the Lafayette College community develop a strong sense of place in what the original “humans of the rivers,” the Lanape people, called the "Lechanwitauk" or “The Place at the Forks.”

9554In 1824 a group of Easton residents traveled by horseback to Philadelphia to hear the Marquis de Lafayette. They were inspired by his words of liberty, citizenship, and leadership. When they returned to Easton, they met up at White’s Hotel and asked “Cur Non?’

Volunteer opportunities

Engaged College Community

Serving residents in the City of Easton

Faculty and staff members from all areas of Lafayette College are engaged citizens of Easton. John O'Keefe '96 serves as president of the Board of Directors for Third Street Alliance, a shelter for women and children and vital resource to the community. Professor Roger Ruggles has served on Easton City Council and is chair of the City Strategic Planning Committee, and Bonnie Winfield serves on the Easton City Planning Commission. Sue Herschlag serves on the Easton Heritage Day planning committee, and Michael Kiser is a board member of the Greater Easton Development Partnership.

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